We are auditioning for our annual pantomime!

Our next production will be the pantomime, Peter Pan! Written and directed by Will Parker-Gorman and assistant directed by Nikki Goodwin. 

Tickets are available at www.peterpan2019.co.uk

DODS is delighted to announce the cast for their 2019 Pantomime. Peter Pan will be performed at Dover Town Hall in January. We would like to thank everyone who auditioned and look forward to the rehearsal process.


Peter Pan - Ryan Simpson
Wendy - Libby Yarrow
John - Josh Dowle
Michael - Harry Lewis
Captain Hook - Karen Brough
Lady Scuttle - Callan Watson
Cedric - Hayden Frith
Smee - Jason McFarlane
Red Pirate - Emmy Dray
Green Pirate - Roxanne Law

Turquoise Pirate - Elsa Rees
Yellow Pirate - Jazmin Cloke
Tinkerbell - Daisy Hewett
Indian Chief - Emma Christain
Indian Soloist - Jacob Wiebe-Williams
Tiger Lilly - Jamie Miller
Mrs Darling - Maria Gregory


Ensemble Pirates & Indians -
Lorna Pile, Nikki Phelan, Emma Christian, Henri Dempsey, Nikki Goodwin, Orla Cox.

Children's Chorus -
Esme Connolly, Lacey Hindry, Olivia Burgess, Aleisha Halstead, Jazmin Cloke, Missy Cloke, Esther Christian, Lara Lynch, Conrad Dempsey, Kiki Dempsey, Koda Tingey, Jamie Miller, Caitlin Marsh, Ruby Marsh, Luke Fletcher, Hayden Frith,  Alishia Roberts, Georgie Morris, Yasmin Cochran, Matilda Kershaw, Annabel Crawford